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Threekit identity

Illuminating demos
that initiate sales.

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Threekit is a 3D product configurator platform that enables retailers and manufacturers to showcase products in 3D and augmented reality.

Threekit needed a partner to bring narrative to its B2B marketing — to establish itself as a captivating presence in the digital commerce marketplace.

Lyda developed an animated visual identity for Threekit. We produced spritely 3D visuals that creatively showcased the benefits of their platform.

eBooks with added depth.

Threekit needed eBooks that were clear and informative. Our designers added advanced 3D graphical treatments that enhanced user experience and made complex concepts easily understandable.

Ebooks Shape
  • Configurator Launch
  • Furniture Configuration
  • Limitless Selling

Slick 3D at every turn.

To match the value of the Threekit platform, Lyda set out to make the 3D product visualizations appear more life-like by sourcing higher-quality models and crafting more accurate lighting and shaders.

Visualizing the Threekit system.

At the heart of Threekit's success lies the concept of composable commerce, where interoperability is the name of the game. Our design layouts and animations effectively showcased Threekit's seamless integration with the world's leading commerce stacks.

When we began our partnership with Threekit, we wanted to create something fresh and exciting that highlighted their capabilities as a 3D company – all while staying true to their brand and style. Our use of 3D animation allowed us the freedom to express Threekit’s wide range of offerings in a more dynamic way.”

Corey Spicuzza
Executive Creative Director
Visual Production & 3D

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