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Each year PayPal orchestrates its sales kick-off, an internal conference that unites leadership and sales teams to build synergy worldwide.

PayPal sought a fresh theme and captivating visuals that highlighted their successes and set the stage for future growth — redefining the annual event’s standard of excellence.

Lyda helped PayPal by developing the conference theme, crafting custom speaker presentations and producing topical 3D animations.

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Visionary leaders.

With a focus on the future, SKO was steered by PayPal executives, ensuring a sales event that ignited a sense of anticipation and opportunity.

Save the date.

An essential objective of the sales kick-off event was to craft compelling emails that captured recipients' attention. Our design team infused the email design with the energy of the Onward theme, building enthusiasm for the upcoming event.

Onward with onward!

Fueled by PayPal's forward motion and recent success, we proposed the winning theme, ‘Onward.’ From a single word, we built visual momentum with bright colors and gradient flares to infuse movement within every element of the event.

A fantastic voyage with 3D.

We collaborated with PayPal sales to help visualize their successes and strategies. Our team’s 3D animations created moments of levity for the leadership to champion their teams and convey the energy of the upcoming year.

With a leap of faith, we introduced 3D animation as an essential tool for the event. We believed it harmonized with the theme – so we took the plunge. The outcome surpassed PayPal’s expectations, becoming their most well-received SKO to date. The scale of this project required the collective effort of our production team, and we’re proud of the work.”

Erastus McCart
Executive Creative Director
Visual Design