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The Big Leap.

Lyda is proud to introduce a new animated short to launch our latest innovation: virtual production. Our virtual production services are set to transform business communication, infuse creativity into events, and elevate marketing campaigns. Virtual production represents a major evolution in visual media, providing new storytelling tools and boosting traditional filmmaking. Lyda has mastered these techniques, initially popular in game development, and is now applying them across various media to deliver new experiences for our clients. This isn’t just an upgrade—it’s a new way to captivate and connect with your audience.


Since 2021, we’ve invested heavily in building a team to create realistic, story-rich experiences in the virtual realm. We develop characters and environments meticulously tailored to our client’s unique vision using groundbreaking tools like Unreal Engine and state-of-the-art performance capture.


  • Limitless storytelling for business
  • Reduced video production costs
  • Rapid A/B testing of messages & languages
  • Real-time adjustments to scenes


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